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Πληροφορίες και στοιχεία για την ομορφιά του σώματος
Άβαταρ μέλους
By soksophoan
Manchester United will be used to support the team if Alexis Sanchez Chile star to strengthen the team, then the team must be cold.Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal striker, is expected to move to the club during the January transfer window. The name of the army "gun" to invade the visit to Bournemouth on Sunday 14 January ago.Chilean 29-year-old Chilean will be out of contract with "The Gunners" after the end of this season. And was reported to Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool, but now look at the "Red Devils" the most likely. If the "Red Devils" Alexis to join the team will actually make the offensive line greatly increased. Because star chip. The striker, the left wing and the right wing by Jose Mourinho will use the system 4-2-3-1.sbobet
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Όλοι διαφορετικοί είμαστε, διαφορετικά σκεφτόμαστε, διαφορετικά θέλουμε και διαφορετικά μιλάμε