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I do not think the "Swan"
Ian Wright, the legendary star shoot "cannon" Arsenal confidently "Liverpool" will not miss Felipe. Kick-off the red flag of the "alien" Barcelona.
The move from Liverpool to Barcelona with a price of 142 million pounds and waiting for the official launch. sbobet
Eriksson Clover, big boss Metal wants to sell him in the summer, but the pressure from both Barcelona and the players.
However, Wright believes the former Inter kicker. Milan is not a big loss to the top teams of the Mercy River Basin.
"I think this is the best time possible for Liverpool to sell him," Wright said.
"I just think of now from their playing style and their striker's approach. I do not think they'll miss him that much. "
"They did a great job at Cointreau." sbobet
"Of course he is a quality player, but at the same time. I think they are playing well enough while you can not refuse the money. "
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