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By jiranan78900
British media outraged Manchester United agreed to sell Fellini to Besiktas already 8 million pounds.


ผลบอล Manchester United are rumored to be negotiating midfielder Marouane Fellini with Beizacs, a Turkish club, during the January transfer window. With a fee of only 8 million pounds, because the players have promised to end this season.

Mirror claims that Jose Mourinho, the Red Devils boss, was forced to demand some players to leave. ผลบอล If you want to reinforce the next. The lottery came to Fellini, which has not yet signed a new contract with the club soon, so hurry to sell out while still getting the price.

However, it must be tracked that the final Mourinho will remember to sell FeliLi out or not, ผลบอล because the Belgian football is one of his favorite players. The interview is often appreciated. Like the latest in the game to Chelsea.

Fellini moved to Manchester United in 2013 under David Moyes, but was not a favorite among fans. Red Devils Before the start of the play. And so many people turned to him in the end.
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