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By jiranan78900
Gundogan pointed out that Hee Hee is much better than ever.


ดูบอลสด Ilkley Gundogan, midfielder of Manchester City, praised Raheem Sterling for his renewal of the season as a better player.

"For a child If there is anything that changes to show clearly on the racetrack. That means something must have happened in the thought process, "said Gundogan.

"I can tell that Rahim has grown up a lot since last year. Body condition itself is better as well. Then what he must focus on is to make the right decision in the second half. "

"Everything that Rahe made was even simpler. Whether it is to control the ball, including the shot at the best opportunity. All this is better because the option to make it is not complicated. Last year he looked tense to every stroke. "

"Now he just stood still and focused on doing the right thing. There are many options. And that results in the confidence. I am the key man of the team. It's really good because if you look at the stats, then you'll find that he's awesome this season. "
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