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By kema cooll
Nottingham Forest are still working on a deal to sign Adam Clayton even though manager Aitor Karanka yesterday insisted no bid had been made for the player.
The Reds have been linked with a move for the tenacious midfielder since Karanka took over, with reports suggesting he was one of three Boro players the new manager wanted to link up with again at the City Ground.
Yet, despite Karanka’s insistence that no bid has been made, they are in fact making progress on a deal according to journalist Alan Nixon.
Replying to a question from a Forest fan on any potential deals, he said that the Clayton deal was ticking along, implying that an agreement could be reached soon.
This will no doubt please Forest fans who will sbo222 be desperate to see some experienced Championship quality added to the ranks.
Clayton played over 100 games for Karanka’s Middlesbrough side and was instrumental in their promotion to the Premier League in 2016 when the Teesside club finished second.
A move seems more likely given that Clayton has played just nine minutes in the league under new boss Tony Pulis.
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